About us

Since 2013, we are producing tasty and useful pastes for the Ukrainian market.

The manufacturer and supplier of nut pastes is FLP Tereshchenko M. V. Sanitary and hygienic certificates – here.

We offer mutually beneficial cooperation terms to the wholesale customers (individually).

Also we invite to cooperation shops in different cities of Ukraine, which will have the status of partnership. For this you need:
– to ensure the constant availability of our entire range;
– retail prices should be the same as on our website.
But we mark this store on our site exactly as “partner” (name, address, phone number).

We also invite food producers to cooperate, use pastes (peanut, sesame, cashew and almonds) as raw materials: we can supply you with our products in kilograms by weight (packed in large buckets of 10-11 kg.).


+38 (063) 558 6442


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